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“Lightning emits power that induces energy into everything in the area- life motto"

Let the light guide your way, our ashley pendant was designed to remind you of the sparkle everyone has in themselfes, but is hidden sometimes.

We're tired of low quality jewelry. All of our pendants offer a special coating which make them water, heat and sweat resistant. delivering the highest quality to our customers is and will always be our goal. we build our products to last.

designed in Vienna, Europe, distrubuted worldwide #weareauro

Chain length 
20 to 24 cm. So it fits men an women. 

Are the products waterproof?
Yes - every Auro Jewelry product is water, sweat and heatproof. We use specially coated stainless steel for our pendants. Our products are built to last.

Are the products safe for sensitive skin?
Yes, all our products are hypoallergenic. You can wear our products 24/7, like we do ourselves. 

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